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haha ... this is basically what touring with the tranny roadshow is like

and an example of how messy my old apartment was. compelling narration brought to you by b.o.i. sha.

i am so glad for all the people that i know. seriously.

i think i would like someone to buy me this as a labor day present.

speaking of present, i remembered this morning to be present in my own life and commit to and communicate my truths and my needs.

i had coffee with dvigesh and his ladyfriend this morning. i'm so glad nate is back. his poems/poetry/brain/friendship/existence shake up my poems/poetry/brain/friendship/existence in a way that is a little inexplicable.

i miss jacques and mollie and vinny so much.

also my lips are chapped, i'm out of cigarettes, and the best thing that happened to me all day so far was driving into town and feeling the fall sunshine.

and i am wearing a sweatervest today and sweatervests are very much a reason to live.
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